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JCEconomics.com was established in 2012 and is today a frontrunner in teaching JC H1/H2 Economics. It has three outlets, conveniently located in Bukit Timah, Bishan and Tampines.

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JCEconomics.com is founded and led by Dr Anthony Fok, one of Singapore’s “super-tutor” as touted by The Sunday Times newspapers. He is extremely familiar with the Cambridge A level syllabus having amassed years of tutoring experience both as a MOE school teacher as well as a private tutor. As such, he is capable of giving practical tips that can ease the learning process for students, helping them to maximize their learning and improve their scores in Economics.


Dr Anthony Fok is wholly committed and dedicated to teaching his students and helping them to aim for academic excellence. He entertains students’ request for help 24/7 via whatsapp and email, helping them to learn even outside of lessons.


Teaching is a strategic act of engagement. If students are not engaged, they will not absorb anything. One key strategy to stimulate students’ interest at JCEconomics.com is to teach through real-life examples.


Dr Anthony Fok is extremely familiar with the syllabus and has a wealth of experience in mentoring students who struggle with Economics as a subject. He entertains their queries until they fully understand each concept, and is tireless in his teaching.


JCEconomics’ teaching materials are carefully designed and lessons are carried out by Dr Anthony Fok personally to ensure a high quality. Simply put, lessons are meant to be engaging, effective and efficient.

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If you have an interest in finding out more, feel free to read testimonials provided by our students who found themselves improving lesson after lesson, ultimately achieving favourable results. We are proud of each and every student and glad that their perseverance and diligence, coupled with the help of JCEconomics.com has paid off in terms of their exemplary results.



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Dr Anthony Fok is the author of Economics Ten-Year-Series and several Economics books.

Our Goals & Approaches

  • Ensure that students can understand Economics concepts from all topics clearly

    Mindmaps to summarise concepts quickly and clearly
  • Ensure that students can apply concepts to questions

    Questions and case studies to stimulate school tests and examinations
  • Ensure that students know the requirements of questions

    Practices to drill concepts and skills

Message from Dr Anthony Fok

Welcome to JCEconomics.com! For many years, JCEconomics.com has been a zealous provider of quality tuition services to JC students.

Students Testimonials

“Mr Fok was always an interesting, unique teacher during lessons. His dedication towards his students never fails to shine through. Despite being busy himself, he would always reply to the questions I have sent via phone, even if it was late at night. Thanks to his teaching and counsel, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my grades -- I got an A in Economics. Mr Fok certainly knows the syllables well and will guide earnest students to their desired grades.”

Yu Jun

Hwa Chong Institution
"Never seen an 'A' for Economics before. I am grateful to Mr Fok for making this possible. Only taught me for 3 months before my examinations and my grades jumped from S to A!"

Janelyn Ong

Anglo Chinese Junior College


Anglo Chinese Junior College
"Mr Anthony is very clear and systematic in his teaching of Economics. My results improved by leaps and bounds after attending his lessons." ​