Mr Anthony Fok is wholly committed and dedicated to teaching his students and helping them to aim for academic excellence. He entertains students’ request for help 24/7 via whatsapp and email, helping them to learn even outside of lessons. He also provides extra resources to students who require additional assistance on a case by case basis, making the learning experience one-of-a-kind for each student.


Mr Anthony Fok is extremely familiar with the syllabus and has a wealth of experience in mentoring students who struggle with Economics as a subject. He entertains their queries until they fully understand each concept, and is tireless in his teaching. As the only tutor at, he handles everything and has a repository of teaching tools at his disposal. Currently pursuing his PhD in Education, Mr Anthony Fok continues to refine his teaching skills.
It is through sheer grit that has grown from a small group tuition to the widely acclaimed tuition centre it is today. Mr Anthony Fok is a staunch believer in his methods and principles and this has allowed him to become one of Singapore’s ‘super tutors’ as pointed out by The Sunday Times. The beneficiaries are his student, who have seen their grades improve by leaps and bounds.


Teaching is a strategic act of engagement. If students are not engaged, they will not absorb anything. One key strategy to stimulate students’ interest at is to teach through real-life examples. Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced – when students see the relevance of Economics in their daily lives, they will come to appreciate and enjoy the subject.


JCEconomics’ teaching materials are carefully designed and lessons are carried out by Mr Anthony Fok personally to ensure a high quality. Simply put, lessons are meant to be engaging, effective and efficient. The current MOE curriculum and assessment objectives form the basis of our curriculum. Lesson plans and programmes are constantly being reviewed and edited to ensure that they are up-to-date and effective. Students of all capabilities are welcome to join lessons at Fast learners can request for more work while slower learners can also ask for additional assistance.

Our Principles


  • Students must constantly ask themselves if they have all the skills and content at their fingertips. helps them to reinforce their skills and concepts by going through examination questions.


  • Students are encouraged to become less dependent on rote learning and instead own a set of skills that can help them tackle any question that comes their way.


  • Students are taught to ensure that they leave nothing out. They are also given summary notes and practices that can help them consolidate their learning quickly right before any major tests.

Our Principles


  • Students are taught to continually apply concepts to real life economic events. This not only help make Economics a more enjoyable subject, it also helps them learn how to apply concepts to reality

Our Goals & Approaches


• Ensure that students can understand Economics concepts from all topics clearly
• Ensure that students can apply concepts to questions
• Ensure that students know the requirements of questions


• Mindmaps to summarise concepts quickly and clearly
• Questions and case studies to stimulate school tests and examinations
• Practices to drill concepts and skills