Group Tuition Schedule

JC Economics Education Centre offers group tuition services for GCE ‘A’ level economics students in Singapore. The centre provides comprehensive content coverage for all topics in the economics syllabus, including demand, supply, elasticity, production and cost, market structure, market failure, macroeconomic problems and policies, globalisation and trade.

In addition to comprehensive content coverage, the economics tuition classes at JC Economics Education Centre are conducted ahead of school schedules. This allows students to have more time to practice examination questions, which is crucial for their success. The centre has also developed a unique approach to answering economics essay and case study questions, which is beneficial for students in their preparation for the A-level examinations.

One of the advantages of joining the economics tuition classes at JC Economics Education Centre is that all assignments are marked by their principal economics tutor, Anthony Fok. As an experienced and qualified tutor, Anthony Fok provides students with detailed feedback on their assignments, highlighting areas for improvement and offering tips on how to craft better answers and achieve distinctions in their examinations.